Pujya Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Maharaj

Revered Pujya Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Maharaj was a great soul of 19th and 20th century of India, who spearheaded the social cause to uplift the society from the shackles of ignorant orthodox.

Pujya Ji was the torch bearer who emphasised that education is the enlightement of one's soul. Pujyaji travelled all over India and propagated the principles of Lord Mahavira, giving the slogan Kam Khao, Gam Khao, Nam Jao.

His earnest belief was that practice of this principle is the essence of life. He was touched by the pathetic state of women and worked for their up-liftment. He propagated education for women a century ago and thus encouraged girl’s education.

Keeping in mind the keen desire of Pujya Shri Kanshi Ramji MaharajPKR Jain Girls school was established in Ambala in the year 1950. To deal with the technological and modern changes in the society, the Managing Committee with the benign blessing of Shri Pujyaji opened another school by the name PKR Jain Public School in the year 1988. Now blending tradition with modernity, another branch of this colossal tree of knowledge was started as PKR Jain Vatika - A day Boarding in April 2005, where classroom teaching is supplemented with computer aids.

PKR Jain Vatika shall always endeavour to keep the preaching of Revered Pujyaji and shall always very sincerely uptake the kindling of these sparks of knowledge earnestly to the society.