Education is changing rapidly. New initiatives in terms of teaching methodology and best practices from the world's renowned institutes need to be integrated on a regular basis. Our results this year speak for themselves both academic and non-academic in all fields. I urge our faculty in confidently repeating the same and bettering it with the best of their ability. My wish for P.K.R Jain Vatika  is to inculcate in our students a caring attitude for self, for others, for country, for the world and of course for the environment.

The P.K.R Jain Vatika team has continued to provide an excellence driven, world class and holistic education. We have thoroughly worked upon the respect for traditions, together with a progressive attitude towards the future, academic rigour with a caring heart, and an appreciation of the individual with the warmth of a cohesive school community.

- Dharam Pal Jain