As parents and teachers, we are aware that education is much more than rote learning and examinations. Why then has school education been reduced to mere information processing and testing? Why have the needs of children as children and learners been relegated to the back shelf by formal systems of education? Built on the foundation of Trust, Love, Joy, Listening and Caring for each Child, Vatika is committed to provide much more than mere transmission of information and skills acquired through compartmentalized syllabi. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. At Vatika, the child and the adult are both learners. Together, they weave a world of sharing, discovering and constructing new hopes and new vistas. To begin with, the learning environment at Vatika is dened by creating a culture that permits learners to build enduring relationships with themselves and the world around them. Free of judgement and conformity, Vatika recognizes each child as an individual being with his/her own special set of strengths and talents, as one who partakes in learning activities because she wants to learn and because he/she is capable of living life with joy. This process best begins with not knowing fear of standardized achievement or of comparison with others. Alternatively, it begins with knowing the worth of others and one’s own limitless abilities to learn and to achieve. Learning at Vatika means recognizing the worth of one’s innite senses and the development of a character that learns with dignity and self-worth, for oneself and for the world.



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