Academics Program


The Kindergarten School - Foundation Year Program The foundation years of school education is immensely important for every child, as it is here that the foundations of literacy, numeracy and comprehensibility are laid down for future. At Vatika we aim to nurture skilled, condent children by working on their heart, mind and psyche. And this we perform, by addressing every facet of their existence social, physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual in addition to academics, of course. Kindergarten curriculum enhances the personality through various activities and exposure. Stress on written and spoken English is an essential part of our curriculum. The curriculum incorporates: 1. Development pf Physical & Motor Skills 2. Development of Cognitive Skills 3. Development of Environmental Studies 4. Development of Socio - Emotional Skills 5. Development of Creative Skills 6. Development of Language Skills Vatika has come up with colourful, attractive and well designed surroundings which constitute a child’s dreamland. Our specially designed fully AC Kindergarten wing provides rich learning material and scope for creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Dressing Up, Make Believe Games, Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, Finger Painting, Clay Modeling, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting, Doodling Corner, Adventure Park, Story Telling Corner etc. Vatika’s Methodologies of Kindergarten Teaching | Theme Based Method | Project Method |The Montessori Method |Multiple Intelligence Method 


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