The Vatika Curriculum


Vatika has fully functional curriculum which is not only stimulating and relevant to the development of the children of 21st Century, but also extremely precise in its approach. The four broad goals of education at Vatika include the development of the inner and interpersonal self, scholarly development, active participation in a wide range of opportunities and creative expressions. To achieve these objectives, the curriculum at Vatika follows the principles of integrated education. Integrated education is one that enables students: to weave the development of their physical self with the development of their mind, the emotional, social and inner self to make connections between different forms of knowledge, self-development and creative expressions. Formal and informal opportunities are provided for students to appreciate the relationships between inside and outside the classroom learning experiences. Linkages are made between the acquisition of languages and arts, science and reasoning, mathematics and experimentation, creative expressions and communication skills. Students weave in and out of academic classes and non-academic classes that include the performing arts, the visual arts, the ne arts and sports. With support from their teachers, students identify pieces of the jigsaw puzzles that constitute knowledge and personal development. The outcome is the nurturing of the “whole person” who seeks to learn, to think critically, to relate, to create and choose with maturity and concern for others. In other words, the development of the individual child who is in tune with her own thinking and creative self as she is with the development of the world around her.


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